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Organic gardening and its benefits

Organic gardening is becoming more and more popular lately. This is because the increase in use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in the commercial cultivation of crops. 

 If you have a garden of appropriate size then organic gardening is one option by which you can get healthy and fresh vegetables.

 When you visit the super market, the quality of the vegetables often leave you wondering. Gardening is not only a good utilization of free time but is also good for you and your family.

It is a process by which you grow your crops at home utilizing only natural substances and natural fertilizers. 

The food that you grow is free from any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers that could be considered as cancer causing agents.

There are definitely some considerations when you start growing your own food. You need to be well equipped with the knowledge of organic gardening to be able to grow some quality crops. Nevertheless with a little study and practice the art is not at all difficult to master.

Here are some of the benefits of organic gardening:

  •  Organic gardening helps to promote biodiversity. That is any natural activity that is beneficial for the nature. Growing the crops naturally helps to balance out the nature.

  • The essence of organic farming is keeping the nature intact and not harming it in any sense. Growing your food organically helps restore the balance of the soil so that it retains the fertility and can again replenish the nutrients.

  •  It maintains the biological activities of the garden and it helps to keep the crops fresh and healthy. It helps to maintain and even in some sense it enhance the ecological balance and harmony.

  •  The best part is that growing your food organically utilizes natural products. The foremost thing is that it definitely replenishes the soil and also helps the vegetables to grow is the fertilizers.

  • It promotes use of natural fertilizers like decaying matter. These fertilizers can be effectively made at home with the use of kitchen waste, cow dung, waste material and even leaves and other natural materials. The fertilizers made by natural methods are of high quality and definitely solve the purpose effectively.

  • This also has another benefit, now you are also utilizing your waste effectively thus there is almost negligible wastage of the resources.

The biggest benefit of organic gardening is the health benefit. You get high quality fresh food that is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

  •   Organic food also helps to strengthen your immune system. That is, it works on your ability to fight microorganisms.  There are ways by which you can help devise the proper food that is required by your body to keep out various diseases.

  •  Even the gardening experience is healthy and helps to give you a break from the boring and monotonous lifestyle.

 The last but the most important benefit is the monetary benefit. Most of us are aware of the soaring prices of vegetables in the market. So much so that some of the products have become out of the reach of the common man. But then there is a way out. Grow your own food!

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  • So growing your own vegetables is definitely cheap and helps you have some of the vegetable that might have proven to be very costly at the market. You can even earn some profits if you are able to grow surplus.

The whole process might sound a bit complicated but once you get the basics, then organic gardening can definitely be the means by which you can grow some quality vegetables in your own garden.


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