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First Lady, Michelle Obama transformed part of the White House Garden into an organic vegetable garden.

Experience the thrill of rosemary snipped off the bush or carrots as sweet as carrots should be. Pick fresh lettuce and tomatoes out of your garden; add a few radishes and a variety of herbs and wow! You are smiling and styling with a homegrown organic salad!

Your health and spirit will be stimulated by growing your own Family Organic Garden, getting you in true contact with nature and all of its virtues.

The Family Organic Garden brings everyone in the family together. Working together as a family to improve the soil, grow your own food and learn ecological values, is an enriching and elevating experience.



Get the keys to composting and help save the environment. Detailed information about composting. How to improve the soil and save money too.

Find out about the pros and cons of different composting bins.

Find out how composting really works and even get composting baking recipes. This is really interesting! 


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  organic garden beginner's guide  

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This book covers details that many people are not aware of when growing an organci garden. Most of us don't think about what foods should be planted together and which ones should not be. This guide book will give you that needed information. Here are some examples of what you will learn.

  • How to choose the right plants to grow together    

  • Which plants you must never grow together 
  • How to protect your fruits and vegetables from insect attack 
  • How much to plant for your family 
  • How to save money by not having to replace sickly plants 
  • How to reduce your gardening workload - let mother nature do it for you 


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Go organic garden! Read information and stories on organic gardening, find safe and effective pesticide and herbicide recipes, and learn how to garden the natural way.

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Visit Emily's Plants, your best online resource for house plants and herbs, bonsai trees, container gardens, and gardening gifts.


organic fertilizer- organic fertilizer and recycling efforts increase awareness, respect, and care for this planet and all its inhabitants


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 What are the numbers and letters on plastic products? They are the plastic identification codes. A full explanation of plastic identification codes and which plastics you can recycle and what you cannot.

Learn how you can make money by recycling and reusing old building materials. Find out how to reuse old household items


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Cleaner Water: Organic gardening enable us to have cleaner water becaue there is no use of pesticides to leak into the water causing contamination.

Prevent Soil Erosion: Organic gardening uses materials such as compost which helps to enrich the ground and prevent erosion.

Animals: Animals that are raised organically do not get growth hormones or antibiotics, so there is no need to worry about the chemicals being passed along from the meat you eat into your bodies.

Organic makeup: can prevent you from absorbing harmful chemicals into your skin.

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Organic & Natural resources for the environmentally conscious.
Organic recipes & products. Organic Link Exchange & Directory.


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grow your own garlic in your organic garden

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 George Washington Carver's gardening classic